Lean Life

Lean Life

Supervised weight loss program—we coach you from the beginning to the end; when you have completed your goals you will continue to have access to all of our recipes, tips and ideas for maintaining the new you at Lean Life and Beyond!

  •  A sensible 3 phase program
  •  Burns stored fat
  •  Easy to follow
  •  Flexibility throughout your day
  •  Takes you from where you are to where you want to be in regard to your health
  •  Tailored to each individual patients health goals
  • Exercise from the start

This is achieved by incorporating our Lean Life foods with the patient’s variety of food choices provided by us.
We have seen remarkable results not only with weight loss, but improvement of the patients overall health to include reduction or elimination of the following; headaches, medications for diabetes, blood pressure, thyroid, cholesterol, just to name a few. Patients have reported over and over improved sleep, improved energy, self-confidence, and overall happiness.

How Lean Life works—

First off your body will be detoxing. Putting aside the old ways of eating and returning to the way we were intended to eat.

Training Phase—Welcome to the training phase. This is the start of getting rid of your excess weight and fat. The average weight loss is 1-7 pounds in one week. In this phase you will be training your body to efficiently use protein, carbs and fat to lose weight and be happier and healthier than you were before you started. Like training to reach any goal, this phase takes planning, focus, perseverance, self-discipline, sacrifice and consistency with the help of a good coach (that’s us). Training phase and when you reach 100% of your weight loss goal.
You will be supplementing with quality protein and incorporating your own veggies and salads throughout the day. And the best part, you get to incorporate real food snacks as well. Forming new habits from the beginning in the weight loss phase. This will make transitioning to “Real Life” so much smoother! You'll never ask now what, because you've been learning all along!

Game Day Phase—Like with any major event the time comes when the training ends and game day arrives. This is when you put into practice what you learned during training. What to eat, when to eat it, how much to eat and your exercise regimen are all in place and we decrease Lean Life food. This phase only lasts a couple of weeks.

Champion Phase—After week of training and proving yourself on game day, you have to ask yourself, “Why would I ever want to go back to the way I was prior to training?” This phase is all about maintaining your good health and even improving upon it.
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