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Is the COVID-19 virus a real problem?

How bad is it and how bad could it get?

What can you do to prepare or prevent?

In the past week I have spoken to several friends who are epidemiologists and infectious disease experts about the COVID-19 virus and what is happening in America and around the world. They said the virus is a real concern and a legitimate health hazard for a certain percentage of our population. He explained, because we have so many unhealthy Americans who currently take daily medications for a variety of health problems, we could see many people become seriously ill or die. Not because this particular viral strain is extremely dangerous, but because we have so many people who are already ill (but don’t think they are) because they are “taking their prescription medications from their doctor.” My pathologist friend said those are the people who really need to take precautions.

Having said that, 98% of people who are not immunosuppressed with drugs or chronic disease will be just fine even after exposure to the virus. They explained to me that COVID virus strains have been identified since the 1980’s and most people have already prior exposure to the virus in the past. You could have had a cold, sinus or respiratory infection five or ten years ago and thought nothing of it. You never got tested and you developed natural immunity to COVID strains years ago. They told me most of America will either have had prior exposure or current exposure and develop immunity without ever even knowing it. We are exposed to thousands of bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus, etc., each and every day of our lives. If we are practicing even modestly healthy choices, we will never even notice feeling sick at all. If our immune system becomes overwhelmed, our body will give us clues to rest/sleep, hydrate, alter our eating patterns, and we will develop natural immunity in a few days. Life goes on again. Whether a person gets sick or not is not dependent on the actual virus itself. Sick or well comes down to “individual host immunity.” How healthy are you?

Rather than talking about how many people are going to get sick or die, the focus needs to be on how to stay well. Dr. James Chestnut explained, we will never be able to completely isolate humanity away from breathing air or contact with other people. Regardless of social distancing, most people will be exposed to the virus in the next 3-6 weeks. Most already have been.

So, what do we do? Keep it simple. Healthy people make healthy daily choices. Unhealthy people don’t. Healthy people don’t need daily medications. Unhealthy people do. Healthy people don’t get sick. Unhealthy people do. Bacteria and viruses are known as “environmental opportunistic organisms.” Meaning they need a suitable host environment to grow and replicate. They need a run down, stressed out, unhealthy immune system to grow in. They need a person who regularly chooses less than optimal health practices. Making unhealthy choices locked away in your own home vs. making unhealthy choices in public doesn’t make you “safer.” Isolation is just better than exposing other unwise people to your unhealthy host environment. So, if that’s you, stop your unhealthy choices for a few weeks and begin to do what we know works. 

Here’s what we know works for healthy people:

Eat real foods that God designed for humans to thrive on.

MORE: Vegetables, fruits, grass-fed meats, nuts, seeds and pure non-chemical water. (Kangen water if possible)

LESS: Sugar in all it’s forms.

LESS: Grains and dairy products. Sugar, wheat, and dairy all create an environment that viruses like. Socially distance yourself from these bad choices as much as possible.

Move in ways God designed for humans to move.

MORE:  Get full body exercise every day. Bend, twist, turn, flex, extend, lift, push, pull and take every joint through its full range of motion.

MORE:  Get adjusted: make sure your body is subluxation free. There is substantial research showing by
keeping your nervous system stress free you maximize immune function.

LESS: Sitting - especially if it’s in front of electronic devices that cause you to be stressed. 

Think, act and communicate in the way that God designed for humans to grow.

MORE: Loving, encouraging, and empowering messages. Keep your mind focused on who created you
and how you wonderfully are made. Knowledge and certainty create strength.

LESS: FEAR. Fear is the number one immunosuppressor that science has ever identified. Fear puts
humans in a fight or flight state, which automatically inhibits your viral and bacterial immune system. If
your “social isolation” means sitting at home googling how many people are going to die or watching
television and listening to politicians give you health advice, you may want to alter your choices before
you create the “suitable host environment for disease.” Be respectful of the virus by changing your daily
choices to healthy ones, not by locking yourself in your house.

If you don’t want to practice the above 3 suggested ways to stay well, then you should be very worried
about your health and practice social isolation.

Supplements? There are many natural choices that you can add to your health arsenal to help keep you
safe from viral infections. The following are a few easy to implement suggestions:

Omega-3 Fish Oil                                  Ionix Supreme
Vitamin-D (liquid)                                 Greens First
Probiotics                                              Immuplex
Oregano Oil                                          On Guard Essential Oil Blend
Elderberry Juice

Be cautious without being fearful.

Be firm without being forceful.

Be disciplined without be legalistic.

This is a wonderful opportunity to BE Christian.

Be Loving and confidently strong.

Eat well, Move well, Think well, Hydrate well, Rest well and you will BE WELL and Stay well.

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