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I just wanted to extend my appreciation for you assistance with meeting my goal of completing the Chicago Marathon. Turns out, I'm pretty slow but I met my 2 goals of running the entire race and getting under 5 hours. Both of you gave great advice on nutrition and training! Thanks again!

Austin Sullivan

Dr. Miskimen has a following of patients, many of whom were more than skeptical about the claims of chiropractic care. Read how chiropractic and/or acupuncture has changed their lives.

I'm so grateful we found River Valley Chiropractic. I've gone to chiropractors my whole life and taken my daughters, too. But having moved around it's not easy to find new doctors. We had gone to a different chiropractor here after a minor fender-bender, but the care wasn't tailored to us. The same adjustments and therapy were done at every visit on all of us. The doctor wasn't bad, but didn't really evaluate what we each needed, and would adjust everything. We felt we were viewed as income rather than people; like 'how much can we bill out of this'. Once that case was closed, we stopped going. I believe in chiropractic treatment, it's been very effective throughout my life to relieve pain and stiffness, and like any profession, there are good ones and not so good ones.

I met Shelley Miskimen through work, where she does on-site massage. I'd mentioned needing a chiropractor and that's when I learned about River Valley Chiropractic. I made our first appointment over two years ago and my daughters and I have been regular patients ever since. We love the massage therapy with Shelley, because removing the muscle tension makes the treatment smooth. Dr. Kent Miskimen is a fantastic chiropractor. His hands-on technique assures us the treatment is specific to our individual needs. He has a knack for pinpointing exactly where my tightness or pain is, and proceeds to alleviate it through adjustments and therapy. He's skilled in many techniques and therapies. Any pain or issues we've had, including sports injuries, strains, and pulled muscles, anything at all, we bring them here and Dr. Miskimen treats us. My older daughter lives further away at college, but refuses to go to another chiropractor. She'd rather wait until she can get home and go with us to RVC.

Also, their office is very easy to deal with, the process of getting started is uncomplicated, their rates are clear, and there's no pressure. River Valley Chiropractic is truly committed to their patient's well being. They listen to any concerns and offer guidance and recommendations. They understand that healing happens on many levels and they support them all.

To River Valley Chiropractic:
I've been meaning to take some time and write to the both of you (Kent & Shelley) and let you know what a difference you've made in my life about the way I feel. I believe I started to visit River Valley Chiropractic at least two years ago. I was constantly having headaches and I had a pain in the back of my left leg that extended from my buttocks to my knee. My good friend Shelley Helms recommended the both of you. At first I was skeptical BUT I'm so glad I went. To date I rarely have headaches and the pain in my leg is entirely gone. I still go once a month and for me the best time to go is during PMS. I need my neck adjusted! I really believe this minimizes my headaches and I do not get them once a month anymore. I will continue to go for the rest of my life and have a massage first and then an adjustment. It is important for me to feel good and that's why I will continue to be forever a patient. Thanks again for helping me to feel good!!--LR

I began visiting River Valley Chiropractic several years ago after meeting Shelley at my place of employment. Shelley was pleasant from the day I met her and she made me feel comfortable seeking Chiropractic care. I had fears of Chiropractors because of myths I had heard.

When I first began seeing Kent; I had many issues. I could barely tolerate the pain and often times, my movements were impaired for extended periods of time. Once River Valley Chiropractic and I worked through these long standing issues with my back and neck, I was able to reduce the number of times I needed to visit the office to only as needed.

At one point I had visited my family doctor for soreness in my wrist. Identified as an onset of carpal tunnel, I was put in a brace to reduce the pain and mobility of my wrist in addition to taking prescribed medicine. At a visit to Kent I mentioned to him the problem I was having with my wrist, he took a look at it, made an adjustment and now 18+ months later I have not had one issue or pain in my wrist.

I live a distance from the River Valley Chiropractic office and could seek treatment elsewhere. But I would rather wait to be treated here than be treated by anyone else. From my very first visit to River Valley Chiropractic, I was well taken care of.
~ Tami

I have fibromyalgia and had suffered with chronic neck pain for years. Because of my fibromyalgia, if I injure a muscle, the odds are against me in that my muscle memory remembers the injured state vs. the healthy-relaxed state. I had been going to Chiropractors for years, but nothing helped with my specific chronic neck pain. After speaking to Shelley at my company's health fair, she stated that they could treat my fibromyalgia chronic neck pain. So after a number of successive visits with the combination of both soft tissue manipulation (massage that targeted the specific area of pain) and Chiropractic adjustments, Kent was finally able to adjust my top cervical vertebrae. Afterwards, my neck was pain free for the first time in years.

I have a high stress job and carry my stress primarily in my upper back/neck region and it never fails, all of them (Shelley, Kent, & Missy) can all find the area(s) of tightness that I either knew (or didn't know) I had. I have found out (the hard way) that it is easier to treat right away (with one chiropractic visit) versus letting the muscular tightness intensify over a period of time (in which multiple visits are then called for). They also recommend stretches (or Kent will actually stretch tight muscles) and exercises for a healthier life style. So with monthly chiropractic maintenance with the massage, my aches and pains are under control.

In addition, they also offer other treatments in which they are certified. Currently, I'm being treated with the Graston Technique® for the pain in my right foot arch (plantar fasciitis) that I've been living with for over two years and orthotics have not eased the pain (thanks to my fibromyalgia). First I have a massage of my calf muscle and arch of my foot, and then Kent uses specially designed stainless steel tools to target the tight area in my arch, which is then followed by an ultrasound of the arch. I have been through a few treatments now and am noticing results. Hopefully with a few more sessions I'll no longer have arch pain and will no longer have to wear a wrap to support my arch.

So having gone to multiple chiropractics for the majority of my life, I am now a firm believer that chiropractic care with soft tissue manipulation is the way for me to live a more pain free life.

Signed - Pain In The Neck Karen

Kent and Shelley Miskimen are awesome people. They not only help ease what pain you are physically in, but they go the extra step by truly caring for their patients. Kent and Shelley are genuine people; and their staff is of the same caliber. The massage you receive prior to your treatment is amazing; and I have been very fortunate that the treatments I receive from Kent take care of my pain issues. I am very fortunate to have been introduced to Kent and Shelley, and I always recommended them to family and friends. Joan Gray

I have been an avid runner for more than a decade now and have racked up many miles and unfortunately an overuse issue - plantar fasciitis. Kent has used a special metal tool to scrape the arch of my foot which has proven more effective than orthotics or stretching. I really like that Kent is also a runner, so he understands a runner's mentality (not running isn't an acceptable answer). In addition to my foot treatments, I also go for the occasional spinal adjustment, or before big races I will schedule an appointment to work over tight muscles. You would be surprised what a difference it makes showing up at the start line fully aligned and feeling good! Most of the time my treatments are taken care of in one visit, and they are so good about getting you on the schedule, typically the same day you call. Shelley's massages before my adjustments are wonderful, and do an awesome job of loosening up the area before treatment. I have recommended and will continue to recommend River Valley Chiropractic to my friends and family because they truly care about their patients well being and it shows through the services they provide. Denise

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